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*"His Master's Voice" THE WHOLE EPISODE!
*Both have angel Digimon.
*Both have digimon whose names start with "Magna."
*"Piedmon's Last Jest" Kari would not let go of TK's hand when Piedmon had grabbed TK's ankle.
*"Guardian Angel" When Kari got left behind in the Digital World, TK went back to get her, folowed by Davis. (Leave them alone, Davis!)
*"Destiny in Doubt" When Kari, Yolei, Ken, and Davis were being attacked by Arukenimon and Mummymon, Kari saw TK and Cody on the cliff anf called out to TK for help, even though Cody was also there.
*TK can sense evil like Kari can. In "An Old Enemy Returns" he could sense the evil from the wirl pool, though Cody and the others couldn't.
*When DigiArmor Digivolving, Kari and TK are the only ones who smile when yelling "DigiArmor Energize!"
*Kari agrees with TK a lot of times.
*In "The Insect Master's Trap" and "Arukenimon's Tangled Web" Kari and TK stuck close to each other.
*I'm not sure if this is an actual coupling, but in Digimon Frontier, Seraphimon appears and turns back into Patamon. Later Orphanimon appears and is destroyed, but comes back later as Salamon. Patamon and Salamon, get it?
*In the Digimon manga volume 4, Matt thinks: "Hmm... I wonder if she'd like TK." That has to mean something, right?

*Check out the pic below!

"Kari's Tour of the Digital World" by Michael Teitelbaum

*Cover- Kari, Gatomon, and TK
*Page 19- Kari, Gatomon, Patamon, and TK
*Page 22- TK and Kari
*Page 35- Inset: Kari next to TK
*Page 37- Kari, TK, and their DigiEggs
*Page 38- Patamon armor digivolving
*Page 39- Kari, Nefertimon, TK, Pegasusmon, and Cody
*Page 39- Pegasusmon digivolved
*Page 47- Top pic: Kari next to TK
*Page 48- Three pictures all featuring just TK and Kari together
[Pages 38 and 39 with Patamon and Pegasusmon don't feature Takari, but they appear in a book by Kari's point of view. Gatomon and Nefertimon do not appear like that throughout the book.]

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